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Jul 1, 2009

Blizzard Studios: Home to Some Pixelated Creations

After my bead creations leave the nest, not much is known on where they end up. Sure, I know who I send them to, but I never really get much of a follow-up report on whether they find a home on a person's fridge, cubicle at work or in their prison cell. I tend to wonder about these things, ya know?

Today I got the coolest follow-up email from a previous client about the whereabouts of some of the items I made for them. Brian, who has purchased Earthbound, Lucasarts and Blizzard characters from me in the past has apparently put some of the pieces he purchased at work(?) which is Blizzard Studios.

If knowing that my creations have a home at a game studio wasn't cool enough, apparently some gaming sites have found my pieces fascinating too, cause they have popped up in pictures of the Blizzard Studios. Check out Joystiq's Blizzard Tour Gallery for picture 1 and picture 2 that featuring my creations, plus IGN's Blizzard Studio Tour Gallery which features two of my creations.

I would just like to take this opportunity to let other Pixelated Creations art piece owners know that I would love to see pictures of your purchases posted in your house, work places and more. Once my babies leave the nest, I still care about where they ended up.

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