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Jun 2, 2009

Evil Gremlins Live in my Computer!

It would figure that Sunday, one day before E3 begins - one of the few great events of the gaming year that my modem would crap out. So I missed all the great announcements yesterday from Microsoft's press conference and all the other game companies. Thankfully my ISP company managed to ship out a new modem for today and I'm up and going again today to catch all the Nintendo and Sony goodness as it happens.

So if anything I post is old news to you, then I apologize but I'm behind a day on all the E3 goodies. Stupid gremlins that live inside my computer have a warped sense of humor and think this is all so funny.

Those like me not at E3 who would like to watch the press conferences for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, you can view them on Gamespot.

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