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Jun 19, 2009

88 Lines about 45 Videogame Girls

Zelda was a Hylian girl,
she held a secret power deep inside.
Chun Li was a different type,
she's the one who’d put you on your ass.
Lulu was a magic girl,
and I was enchanted with a girl like that.
Sheva, a member of the BSAA
took the enemies down flat.

Rikku was an Al Bhed girl,
and a Gullwing member.
Ivy was a domination freak,
she liked that kind of misery.
Ulala had this special way
of turning us on with a song.
Cortana couldn't sing,
but she kept us going and kept us strong.

Faith was an runner,
the aerial queen the queen of spirit.
Hannah & Rain thought men were second best
to playing with each other.
Blood Rayne was a specialist,
she really had that gift to kill.
Lara's point of view was this:
Never miss a prize or a thrill.

Tala was another girl
who left her mark upon your neck.
Kasumi liked to beat me up,
and leave me lying on the ground.
Daphne had this nightclub walk
that left grown men wanting more.
Samus Aran, we thought a guy
until she left her armour on the floor.

Gloria the Order’s girl
was disappeared into the night.
Trish was really Gloria
ready to bring Nero into the light.
Nariko who knew no pain,
was never ever satisfied.
Ayumi came and went so fast,
she didn't even say good-bye.

Well Yuna had a mission in Spira,
lived to bring about the calm.
Aeris had a mission too,
had ancient power in her veins.
Jill thought Wesker was trustworthy,
blew him up so she thought.
Claire faced the zombie threat
and so she too Wesker fought.

And no, Wesker is still alive.

Pauline thought that love was simple,
but monkeys tend to mess things up.
Joanne was complicated,
like some secret spy film's plot.
Nina was the perfect agent,
always kept her buckles tight.
Peach was a rich mushroom Princess,
silver spoon and a warp pipe.

Farah was an ancient princess,
moving through the sands of time.
Elika held you and her own
in a crazy kind of mystic way.
Sarah Morrison, box art girl
you’d find her in a girly mag.
Terra's esper form was quite the thing
left her clothes torn to rags

Relm was an artistic girl,
her images would throw you far.
Alyx’s father had a pet,
A head crab named Lamarr.
Kitana fights in tournaments,
because she lost her loving home.
Sophitia also fights in tournament,
she fights them hard, and she fights alone.
Fran joined a fighting band,
and changed an empire for the best.
Lady Ashe who started it all,
fought for freedom and all the rest.
Celes was on the wrong side at first,
just needed to find her way.
Marle was much more my style,
a fiery red-head come what may.
Ayla went long for ride
happy to smash things with her club.
Ada maybe a sexy gal
but she could take out every guy in the pub
Tifa came from Midgar,
she's handy with her fist.
Cammy was my favourite gal,
I chose you to end this list.

[Parodied on 88 lines about 44 Women. Picture by Highwind Design]


Kyle said...

No Jade from BG&E? Oh well, I guess you had to pick only 44. Lots of 'em out there I guess. <3

Faith said...

I had a hard time trying to fit all the ones I liked in. I thought of Jade, but trying to find her a spot was hard.

Natchuun said...

Much Final Fantasy and Resident Evil love; I can relate.
Quite enjoyable.

Mike said...

Very cool.