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May 21, 2009

Epic 8 Bit Art - Pixelated Paint and Sticker Art

So in my spare time between making bead creations for my store and writing, I've starting branching out into new forms of art like painting and sticker art.

Using stickers and a couple of binders as backgrounds, I made two pieces featuring Pac Man and Space Invaders. The materials I grabbed at the dollar store for cheap and then I just figured out what sprites I could make from red, blue, green, yellow and white coloured pixels.

I plan to seal the stickers on with a clear glue that you use for puzzles and hopefully that will keep them from peeling off.

I've only made one pixel art painting so far and it a rough piece at that. Raccoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't the neatest painting in the world compared to other artist's pieces I've seen, but practice makes perfect right.

Of course, fused beads will always be my main material for crafts because nothing looks more perfect that fused bead sprites when they're complete but I like the idea of trying new things once and a while.


warcraft gold said...

These are awesome finds! I love the Mario stuff. Well, anything about him appeals to me. I wonder if there's an 8 bit art for WoW as well?

Faith said...

I've never seen World of Warcraft but I've been meaning to try making Warcraft II sprites for a while.