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Apr 22, 2009

Google Artist Loves Zelda

If you look on the front page of Google today, you'll see a special Earth Day art piece posted. However if you looked really closely, you'll see in the bottom left hand side that the artist has hidden a triforce in between all the watery and earthy goodness.

Click on the above picture to see the triforce.

[Via Destructoid C-Blogs]

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wow gold scams said...

I haven't notice that triforce symbol and I wonder what does it mean. So, i took a little research about it. And i found out that it is a symbol used in one of the video games entitled "Legend of Zelda".

Triforce symbol represents the holy relic created by three goddesses.That symbol seems so interesting. I've been into games for almost a year particularly in world of warcraft and I haven't heard about the legend of Zelda and it's triforce symbol.

And about the Google front page, it is so cute! I wonder if it is their way to help in promoting in saving mother earth?! If search engine have ways on how to participate in earth day, games do also have like in warcraft. There is a smart meter thing there which monitor the electricity in a household and feed that information to power companies. By uploading it to WoW instead, Prof. Reeves thinks that the game could become a tool to encourage environmental awareness.

Whatever it is. It is so happy to know that techie people still participate in the earth day activity.