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Jan 23, 2009

Lost Recap: The Lie

We, Lost Fans, were treated to a double episode last Wednesday so it looks like I still have another Lost Recap to do before tonight, so here it is:

"The Lie" opens up with Oceanic Six, Penny, Desmond and Frank discussing what they'll tell the world happened after they return to the mainland. Jack tells the gang that they'll have to lie in order to protect the rest of the survivors still on the island from people like Widmore and everyone but Hurley agrees, until Jack tells Hurley that people will think him insane if he tells the truth.

Meanwhile back on the Island, the Losties are trying to start a fire (Neil Frogurt is back) when Daniel arrives back and Juliet suggests the some of them try taking the zodiac out to a shipping lane to seek rescue. Daniel explains that since the island has shifted in time, they would have to calculate a new bearing to sail out on to get away from the island.

Later on that night, Charlotte questions Daniel further about her nose bleeds, sudden memory lost and constant headaches, because these symptoms don't seem odd to Daniel. Miles in his usual weird nature manages to find a boar that died of natural causes in the jungle and this sets into motion a fight between Frogurt and the rest of the Losties.
Suddenly Frogurt is hit with a flaming arrow in the chest (You wanted fire, Neil!) and the rest of the camp notices more flaming arrows coming out of the jungle and make a run for it into the jungle. Some no name Losties die but the main people survive the attack.

Juliet and Sawyer while making their way towards the creek to meet up with the rest of the camp survivors are attacking by three men with guns. A British man named Jones (Name tag on jump suit) demands to know why they're doing on their island. Not happy with Sawyer's answers, the men decide to cut off Juliet's hand before Locke comes out the jungle, knocks out two men with rocks and kills one of them with his knife. (These men could be Widmore's people, Rousseau’s People, The Others or Dharma?)
Hurley is still driving with a passed out Sayid in the car after the events at Sayid's safe house, when he draws the attention of a police cruiser. The officer in the vehicle turns out to be a dead Ana Luca in police uniform who tells Hurley to get Sayid to someone he trusts, get new clothes and definitely stay away from the cops.

Hurley buys new clothes at a gas station and gets recognized as the lottery winning/plane crash surviving guy by the gas attendant while his apparent murder picture is running on the TV behind her. Hurley claims she has the wrong person and drives off with Sayid who is still passed out.

As Hurley pulls out the gas station, Kate pulls in with Aaron in her car and not knowing what to do almost calls Jack for help. Instead she gets a mystery call from someone she knows that is currently in LA and Kate plans to meet up with them.

Kate takes Aaron to a penthouse of a large hotel where they meet Sun. Sun shows Kate pictures of Ji-Yeon and states that she'd like Aaron and Ji-Yeon to play together. Kate tells Sun about the lawyers who came to visit her asking about testing her and her "son." Sun tells Kate that they weren't interested in exposing their lie, they just wanted Aaron. Sun tells Kate that she must do must she must to protect Aaron. Kate questions what take of person, Sun thinks she is. Sun explains that sometimes people must make hard decisions in life like the one Kate made when she choose not to get Jin off the freighter even though she promised Sun. Kate apologizes, but Sun says she doesn't blame her for what she did. (Note: Sun doesn't seem to really mean what she says here. She does blame Kate and Jack and plan to use them to get even with Ben.)

Ben and Jack are still at Ben's motel room and while Jack is in the bathroom, Ben pulls a mystery box out a vent in the room. He tells Jack to go home and gather his stuff to go back to the island, while he takes Locke's body to a safe place. Jack's questions Locke's dead state and Ben doesn't response. (Could Locke be alive? Possible that Locke used the same spider venom that paralyzed Nikki and Paola to make him look dead for a while and Ben knows it?)
Ben heads off to a Butcher shop and meets up with one of his people, Jill the Butcher. (Note: The number Ben takes is 342) He asks Jill to hang on to the important item in his van for him and explains that he has Jack on board but not the rest of the people yet. He asks if Gabriel and Jeffery have checked in yet, which Jill confirms.

Hurley meanwhile has taken Sayid to his parent's house where his Father, David doesn't believe Hurley's story about what happened at the safe house. The police show up and Hurley asks his father to lie about him being there. David wants to take Sayid to a hospital but Hurley believes Sayid won't be safe there.

Hurley's Mother, Carmen arrives home and finds Sayid barely breathing on the couch. This causes Hurley to ask his Father to take Sayid to Jack, so Jack can help revive him and find out who those men were attacking them at the safe house. David agrees and takes Sayid to Jack.

While David is away, Hurley breaks down and tells his Mother the truth about what happened on the island from the moment they crashed and explains that they’re lying is causing all these bad things to happen now. His Mother tells him that she doesn’t understand everything that he has told her but she believes him.
Jack tells David he must take Sayid to a hospital, despite what Hurley said about Sayid being in danger and this prompts David to tell Jack to do what he must, but stay away from Hurley from now on. Jack takes Sayid to the hospital but calls Ben in the process to tell him about the situation. After injecting something into Sayid, Jack manages to wake him up but is attacked by him. Sayid quickly realizes its Jack and backs off. Sayid once calm expresses concern to Jack about where Hurley is and who is with him.

Of course, Sayid has concern because Hurley is home alone at the moment when Ben confronts him in order to get him away from the police and take him apparently to where Jack and Sayid are waiting. Hurley remembers that Sayid told him to never trust Ben and to always do the opposite to whatever he asks to you too and runs out into the arms of the awaiting Police Officers that have been staking out his home.

Next we are in a room with a hooded figure sitting in front of what looks like a Dharma Station computer (There's a logo on the computer) and a chalk board where she is calculating something. A pendulum can be seen swinging over a map, marking out locations in the oceans of the world. There appears to be Dharma binders next to the computer in the room. The screen flashes "Event Window Determined".
The figure goes up some stairs into a room where we find Ben and tells he only has 70 hours to complete his work, to which he says he needs more time. The figure is revealed to be Ms. Hawking. She states that if Ben can't get all of the Oceanic 6 members back in 70 hours, then "God help us all."

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