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Jan 22, 2009

Lost Recap: Because You Left

So we finally got the first episode of Lost for Season 5 and what an episode! Some questions were answered and of course, a hundred new questions were raised.

In this episode, we meet our favourite Dharma orientation film guy, Marvin Candle who we find out is really Dr. Chang and that he has a wife and baby on the island during the construction of the Orchid station. (Note: Dr. Pierre Chang goes by Marvin Candle and Mark Wickmund, both Candle based names) Now is this Dr. Chang's real baby born off the island or some poor unfortunate castaway's baby? Is the baby Miles or Charlotte or just a random baby?

Also the scene here with Dr. Chang and his family fore shadows the time anomaly on the island by showing a skipping record and the alarm clock goes off at 8:15 (more numbers). Great Willy Nelson song. We see Dr. Pierre Chang making the orientation film for the Arrow station which was apparently for defence purposes against hostile elements on the island. Smoke monster anyone? (Note: Dr. Chang is wearing a Swan Station logo on his lab coat but he's making an Arrow Station film.)

We learn that Orchid station was build close as possible to the donkey wheel, so Dharma could harness the power from it for time travel but they had to do it without actually releasing the power. This power causes a miner to bleed out his head and possibly die, and the rules are confirmed for us again. Finally we see a tie-less Faraday who doesn't look a day younger than he does in the present day. So Faraday knows how to time travel! MCFLY!

Ben and Jack talk about going back to the island with Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Kate and Aaron. All of them must go back along with Locke (now apparently dead) in order to save everyone on the island. Jack shaves his terrible beard finally and Ben tells Jack that he admitted to ruining Locke's life before he left the island. Also Ben flushed Jack's pills in order to clean him up. (Note: Ben asks Jack if Locke told him what happened after they left the island and Jack says no. Ben is probably sniffing for information to see if Jack knows if he killed Keamy and set off the bomb on the freighter.)

Sayid and Hurley are running from the mental intuition after Sayid kills the strange man outside and breaks Hurley out. They are attacked at Sayid's motel room which is setup like a room of death with the hidden gun and dishwasher with the knives blade's facing out. New way to die: Death by Dishwasher!

Unfortunately Sayid is knocked out with tranquilizer darts and Hurley is left with ketchup on his shirt and a bunch of dead guys. "We never should have left the island, dude!"

This puts poor Hurley on the news as a possible murderer and he must run with a passed out Sayid in tow. During this run from the scene, Hurley is confronted by Ana Lucia who tells Hurley to find someone he can trust, to stay away from the cops and that Libby says Hi. Of course if a dead person tells you to do something, you do it and so Hurley starts the car and heads off to find help.

Kate is confronted by Dan Norton from Agnostini & Norton at her home who serve her with a court order for her blood and Aaron's blood in order to determine her relationship to Aaron. They refuse to tell her who their client is (Guesses: Ben or Sun trying to make her run or Whitmore being a dick), so Kate tosses them off the property but not before they threaten to come back with the police. This causes Kate to pack her bags, a gun and a whole lot of money, so she and Aaron can run.

Sun is traveling to Los Angeles (15 and 23 over P.A. system) when she is detained by Whitmore is ticked that she approached him in the open. He sees it as an act of disrespect. So Sun explains her hate for Ben and that she blames him for the death of Jin. This is enough for Whitmore to let Sun head off to her flight. Sun seems much more deathly this season. Not a woman to mess with.

Heading back to the Island 3 years ago at the moment of the island's move, we see the flash of light and suddenly the freighter is gone from the horizon and Locke is now alone in the jungle without his new Others tribe. Locke witnesses Eko's brother, Yemi's plane crash again on the island and like a dope; he tries to reach the plane even though it's full of killer drug dealers and a dead Yemi. While climbing Locke is shot in the leg by a past Ethan who doesn't know Locke and disappears after a second flash of light causes the island to shift again.

Now the plane is down on the ground as Locke left it after Boone's death and suddenly Richard shows up to patch Locke up. He tells Locke that he must bring everyone who left the island back in order to save it and in order to do this, Locke must die. Richard gives Locke a compass (the same compass from when Richard met Locke as a boy?) and tells him to give it to him later because Richard won't know who he is. All this is done very quickly as Richard knows the island is about to jump again and he will disappear. Sure enough the island flashes again and Locke is left alone with the plane back up on top of the Pearl station.

The other Losties still on the island have also experienced the flash and are also feeling the effects. As Sawyer and Juliette notice the smoke from the freighter has disappeared from the skyline, they are interrupted by a frantic Bernard who can't find Rose. Rose then comes running out of the jungle, terrified by the light and asking what happened. Sawyer tells everyone to go back to camp, so they can figure out what's going on but Bernard informs him that the camp has disappeared with the flash of light.

Returning to the site of camp, the Losties find that the camp has indeed disappeared. This is when Daniel Faraday and his other boat companions show up to explain that the camp has not disappeared but rather it has not been built yet. (INSERT DRAMATIC MUSIC HERE!)

Daniel asks someone to take him to a man-made building in order to figure out what's going on and Juliette offers to take him to the Hatch. Sawyer, Miles and Charlotte all tag along for the walk and Sawyer soon gets into a fight with Daniel when he demands his shirt and an explanation for what's happening to the island. Daniel explains that the island is like a giant record is now skipping and that's why the camp disappeared, because the losties are now somewhere else in time on the island.

Time flashes before they get to the Hatch, so when they get there the station is still blown up, so Daniel determines the time is sometime after the Losties crashes on the island. Time flashes again though, and returns the Hatch back to its pre-blown up state. At this point, the island must be at a pre-crash point and Sawyer decides to knock on the back door and get Past-Desmond to open the door, so he can get supplies.

Daniel explains to the group that they cannot change the past in way and as such Sawyer get Desmond to come to the door because it didn't happen in the past that way the first time. Thus they cannot keep anyone from leaving the island to head off to the freighter either.

Sawyer finally accepts this and he, Juliette and Miles head back to the camp area. This is when Daniel notices that Charlotte has a nose bleed and becomes noticeably upset by this. (This is bad because the last people to get nose bleeds were the people on the boat who were shifting through time and ending up dying.) He sends Charlotte on her way as he stays behind to "get his pack at the Hatch". What he really does is knock on the Hatch back door to get Desmond to come out. He explains to Desmond that he is special and that the rules don't apply to him. Also tells Desmond that everyone he left on the island is now in trouble and if he ever gets home that he must go to Oxford and find Daniel's mother.

Now Desmond wakes up with Penny in the present and tells her he was back on the island. Pen reminds him that was three years ago and says he must have been dreaming. Desmond says it wasn't a dream, it was a "memory" and that they have to go to Oxford. (Note: Desmond and Penny appear to be wearing wedding rings. Does this mean they got married?)

The episode also has a flashback to right after the escape where the gang is back aboard Penny's boat, Searcher and Jack is convincing Desmond, Penny, Frank (the helicopter pilot) and the rest of the Oceanic 6 to tell the big lie about how they're the only survivors, so Widmore doesn't kill the strand-aways. Hurley doesn't want to lie, and thinks if all of them come clean, they can get help for their friends, but no one will back him up, not even Sayid. Hurley tells Sayid he'll remember how Sayid didn't have his back, and he'll do the same to him, someday.

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