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Jan 21, 2009

Lost Recap: Destiny Calls - Clip Show

So Lost finally premiered last night with a clip show followed up by 2 brand new episodes, "Because You Left" and "The Lie". While most people would find the clip show boring and only watch it to catch up on the bits and pieces of the Lost storyline that they had forgotten, you have to remember that the great thing about a Lost clip show narrated by show producers, Damon Linedof and Carlton Cuse is that they love to throw little tiny hints into the mix for their viewers.

For example, the producers never refer to Claire as dead, just that she walked off into the jungle with her father, Christian Shepard. Also when talking about Sun feeling guilty about her Jin's death, they say that she's feeling guilty because she believes she left her husband to die on that freighter. "Believes" is the key word here, because means Jin could still be alive. Especially since the freighter didn't sink right away.

Sometimes it's worth it to watch a clip show to find out some new and wonderful things.

Stay tuned for more Lost Recaps for "Because You Left" & "The Lie"

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