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Dec 20, 2008

Download Some 8-Bit Carols & Help Save a Puppy

I'm sure everyone has noticed I love to post a lot of bead sprite art on my site and if you've been paying attention to those posts then you'll probably know about my friend, Doctor Octoroc, the bead spriter that creates the amazing and huge art pieces.

Well, the Doc a week ago found out his puppy, Ein is very sick with impassable bladder stones and it is going to cost him quite a bit to have the stones removed. I've had the same situation happen to me in the past and let's just say I could have bought a nice big screen TV for what I spend on my dog that day.

In order to pay for this huge surgery, the Doc asking for a $15 paypal donation for a full download of his very cool 8-bit Christmas album, 8-bit Jesus. Each song is a combination of a retro videogame and a well-known Christmas carol. All of them are really well done and though you can download the album for free, for the sake of Ein, Doc is asking that you donate to the cause for the download.

I know times are tough on everyone right now but there are 18 tracks on the album and at $15 for the whole album, that`s less then a $1 per track. Better than iTunes. Help a fellow gamer and his puppy out for Christmas this year.

You can check out 8-bit Jesus here and find out where to donate by heading here.

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