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Aug 31, 2008

Doctor Octoroc Builts a Castle for Doctor Wily

No matter how many cool bead sprite items I create or see, no one will ever top the bead creations of Doctor Octoroc.

I've showcased his 3D Perler Bead mini consoles on Destructoid.com before and now he's come up with the coolest decoration for your evil genius lab.

Created from the original sprite from Mega Man 2, Doctor Wily's Skull Castle is a layered bead sprite containing 47 seperate bead sprite pieces on 14 layers which combined contain over 22,000 beads.

It took approximately 80 hours over the course of 6 months, using 2 full bottles of glue and a whole lot of foam core. This picture, from the side, shows the thickness, and layout of the layers, which is comparable to an architectural topographic map model

I don't know about you but that piece makes me what to weep sweet tears of joy. That is the friggn' most awesome thing I have ever seen created in bead sprites.

To see more of his bead sprite art, check out his flickr page here.

Kudos Doctor, Kudos.

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