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Nov 14, 2008

Gadget Review Week: Playstation 3 Charge Base & Media Hub +

Playstation 3 Charge Base 2

Nyko also has two must have items for the Sony fans this holiday season with their Playstation 3 Charge Base 2 and the Nyko Media Hub The charging station allows you to charge two Duel shock 3 or SIXAXIS controllers simultaneously via USB adapters and best of all, the charger plugs into any wall outlet so you don’t have to tie your system up with wires or leave it on while charging. Controllers also charge quickly within a couple of hours which is faster than the system charge time.

Available at Toys R Us and EB Games for $29.99 CAN

Nyko Media Hub + for the Playstation 3

The Nyko Media Hub is an excellent item to have if you have one of the downgraded Playstation 3 consoles like the 40 GB that are lacking the 2 extra USB ports and the memory stick slot. This little adapter plugs into the front USB port to provide you with 3 new USB ports for a total of 4 and a SD card/memory stick reader. Having this adapter is great when you need to hook up all 4 instruments for Rock Band or transfer videos, music or photos to your system when you don’t have a wireless internet connection.

While the adapter originally made for the 40 GB Playstation 3 systems, there is an included adapter piece that will allow you to hook the media hub up to the 20, 60 and 80 GB systems as well. The adapter works will all USB devices, all SD cards and all memory sticks. The adapter works in either vertical or horizontal position and there’s no batteries required, so really there’s no reason not to pick this device up

Available at Toys R Us and EB Games for $19.99 CAN

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