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Nov 11, 2008

Epic 8-Bit Art: Family Guy Perler Bead Art

Nothing says "Home" quite like having Peter Griffin and his family from the Family Guy hanging on your wall. And nothing says geek more than to have Peter and his family made entirely out of Perler Beads.

Fashion, a member of the new bead sprite haunt I found, "Pixelgasm", created a giant wall mural of the primetime family hanging out on the couch from the Family Guy videogame to post on her wall.

I absolutely love these giant pieces because you know the artist had to put a lot of hand crippling hours into creating them.


justin said...

that thing is dank!How many beads did it take?

Anonymous said...

how many squares did that take?? I want to make that!!!

Anonymous said...

How Many Boards Was That,, Im Planning On Making It And Need To Know If Ill Need To Buy Some More PLEASE HELP! x

Faith said...

Contact this person on Flickr and they can tell you