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Nov 11, 2008

Gadget Review Week: Rock Band Stage Kit for Xbox 360

Rock Band Stage Kit

For the Rock Band fan in your home, PDP has come up with the perfect gift idea for your wannabe rockstar with the Rock Band Stage Kit. This kit comes with an adjustable LED floor light and combination strobe light and fog machine to turn your rock session up a notch. Using USB cables, the floor light and fog machine connect together to plug directly into the Xbox 360 USB ports and also into a power outlet, so both devices share one power source and one USB connection.

Once connected, gamers only need to pick a song and start playing to watch as the LED light, fog machine and strobe machine start working in sync with the music to create a wicked special effects show. While I found the whole kit to be pretty darn cool, the fog did go off a bit too much for my tiny living room which soon filled up with so much fog I couldn’t even see my TV screen. Happily the fog machine does have an individual off switch so you can still use the strobe light.

For clean freaks worried about their floors and carpets, the fog juice is made from a water solution so you don’t have to worry about a giant mess. The kit works with both Rock Band 1 & 2, but is only available for the Xbox 360 so far. Despite a little too much fog to contend with in my tiny living room after 2 or 3 songs, the Rock Band Stage Kit is fabulous addition to any Rock Band fan’s wish list this holiday season.

Available at EB Games.com for $99.99 US
Shipping available to Canadian addresses

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