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Nov 4, 2008

Best Handmade Sackboy Yet

I've seen quite a few Sackboy made by different crafters so far, but this little lemon loving guy has to be the best so far. Look how happy he is. He's such a perky little sackboy.

Created by Em-En from the I Like Lemons blog, this clever little guy comes complete with a hat and scarf for those upcoming winter nights.

Unfortunately this sackboy is not for sale, nor is the pattern available to make your own. Em-En really wanted her very own sackboy but she doesn't want to step on anybody's toes at Media Molecule. Though sad is her decision, I only hope her love and ours will produce some official sackboy plushies for sale in the future.

Or I may have to enlist another crafter's skills to create another videogame plushie for me. Ubisoft forced my hand Media Molecule, don't you push me too!

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