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Aug 9, 2008

How to Decorate your Game Room the Crafty Way

I've been making my bead sprite crafts for about a year now and I've tried to think about as many possible uses for them as I could by now. One of those ideas so far is as a wall ornament.

So far I haven't put the idea into use, but Greg aka Gpinzone over at The BeadSprites forum has and I think he mastered the idea perfectly.

Using the bead sprites he created from Perler Beads over the course of 8 months, he managed to cover his entire game room with the creations for a wicked looking effect. He stuck the 8-bit art pieces on his walls and even created bigger pieces and had them framed to hang on his wall.

If anyone wants to see a larger, more detailed pictures of the rooms, just click each picture above for the full size view.

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