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Jul 4, 2008

Videogame Art From Citizen Wolfie

Girls and Gaming by ~CitizenWolfie on deviantART

Dennis Davies aka Citizen Wolfie is a wicked pop culture artist from the United Kingdom. 22 Years old and a massive comic boy fanboy, Wolfie creates art from everything: video games, comic books, TV, movies, music, etc.

Forest of Illusion by ~CitizenWolfie on deviantART

He does everything from pinup art to cute cartoons under his design studio name, Wolf Studios. I posted just a few of my favorite videogame fan art pieces from his collection, but you can check out all his artwork at Deviant Art.

Black Magic by ~CitizenWolfie on deviantART

Kill Jill by ~CitizenWolfie on deviantART

Kratos vs. The Hydra by ~CitizenWolfie on deviantART

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