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May 24, 2008

Best of the Videogame Custom Toys: Part 1

I found this cool custom Munny on the Offical Munny Website. Earthworm Jim was created by Andrew Bell.

Scavenjer33 also has a wicked hand for making custom Munny figures and he created this spot on Munny Niko Bellic for his friends at Rockstar Games NY.

And then he also made this mini Munny version of Niko Bellic sporting his handsome suit and new accessory.

Kody Koala has been creating some wicked pieces for a while now. He has a sweet collections of Munnys, Dunnys and Lego figures.

Moon Pearl Bunny Form Link Dunny from The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

Custom Link Lego Figures
Click here for larger pictures

Custom Super Mario Bros. Lego Figures

Toad Munny from Super Mario Bros.

Lakitu Munny from Super Mario Bros.

Piranha Plant Munny from Super Mario Bros.

Look for more sweet custom videogame toys soon.

1 comment:

Johnny Wadd said...

Earthworm Jim would make a nice bong.