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Apr 24, 2008

Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe Trailer: Superman kicks everyone's ass

Though I'm too if I like the idea of Mortal Kombat character beating up on DC Super Heroes, expecially if there isn't going to be any fatalities finishing moves, I do think the game trailer look pretty darn good looking. So even if the game bombing, at least it will leave a good looking corpse.

My biggest problem with using DC characters is the life long problem with Superman being way too powerful for anyone to take him down, so unless the Mortal Kombat characters come equipped with Kryptonite, then anyone being able to KO Superman is impossible by DC standards.


Gemma Hentsch said...

Admittedly it would be a bit difficult in a beat-em up but i always got the impression that if any of the DC heros were to be able to take Superman down, it would be Batman :P

Faith said...

Batman would be my first choice too. :)