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Apr 24, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV: What are you doing? Trailer

Next week Grand Theft Auto IV hits store shelves and more people in North American will be calling in sick than on Madden release day. Trust me.

I haven't been really excited about this game until I watched a trailer on Gamespot that the embed code won't work for, so here's a working version of the trailer from Gametrailers.com. Wow! This game is coming out on my birthday ... I'll be 27 ... arg, and so far not a bad birthday present, Rockstar.

Look my review later in May.


Ry-Tron said...

getting an "Undefined" error when trying to play and happy birthday you! A celebration somewhere's downtown with everyone armed with a DS/PSP is in order.

Johnny Wadd said...

If i don't get this game on launch day i will DIE.

Faith said...

Shows what I get for using Gamespot video embeds. Trying to find an alternate video embed