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Mar 9, 2008

Review: Army of Two

[Writer's Note: This game is so awesome that it red-ringed my Xbox 360!]

Army of Two
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Montreal
Available now for PS3 and Xbox 360

Army of Two from EA takes the traditional third-person shooter and adds something extra: a partner. Never go in battle alone ever again.

Gamers play as ex-army rangers that work for a private military contractor that sends them on secret missions around the world. Gamers must work with their team mate to not only complete the missions at hand, but to become the most lethal team around. All of the game play missions, tactics and strategies were developed with the two player team work in mind.

Luckily for those people who don’t have a gamer room-mate, the game allows you to play with an AI team mate or have friend jump in or out at any time during the game for some real two player action. Best of all, the AI team mate works just as well as a real player.

Army of Two utilities an agro system which is extremely important in the game, as it allows one player to draw fire, while the other player sneaks around the enemies to fire upon them from behind. Players must also provide cover for each other, heal each other and you can even drag your team mate to safety, while taking out the enemy.

Missions in the story mode are short and repetitive, but the online mode is really where the fun begins. You can play with a friend or the AI team mate to take out other teams in a variety of modes and level designs. The winning team is one that kills the most and makes the most money. Call of Duty 4 fans will definitely get addicted to the online play in this game.

The graphics are solid looking with its rough, war torn landscapes and even rougher looking enemies. The music and sound fits well with the environments and may have you rocking along.

From two-man parachute jumps to sniping to an all out assault, Army of Two showcases the power of working together not only to gets the job done but to eventually saves the world too.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Buy it!

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