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Mar 12, 2008

And my new Xbox red rings on start up

So today I received my Xbox after sending it out for repair and guess what?!

They send me a "new" Xbox 360 and halfway through the setup process the bitch red rings again. No freeze, no delay, just red rings every time its turned on.

At least my last console let me watch a movie on it or try to run a game before it froze and then red ringed. Needless to say I'm pissed and I'm pissed even more that I had the tech support guy trying to trouble shoot like it was my hard drive or power supply.

This time I better get a brand new console in a brand new box, instead of a piece of crap refurbished console. Plus they actually told me to call back, since my other repair hasn't finished processing.

Microsoft hates me. I must have killed a puppy or something

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Anonymous said...

the best thing for you to do is get a new xbox. the one you get back from repair is a refurbished model with the same board. The problem is in the way the first set of boards that were made. Microsoft sorta fixed the issue by replacing the heatsink on the xbox360. But depending on how the other components held up is a different story entirely. And this is how the RR pops up because of other component failure caused by the first failure.

How to correct the issue for the long run?

Easy Microsoft corrected the problem by making a new board. The new board has a newer venting system to displace heat and has a newer processor and mobo that runs at lower wattage. These units were recently shipped to stores and are packaged as the Xbox360 60gig Pro system or the Xbox360 Elite. Now I have to tell you some of the elites have the older board.

So how can you tell if you have a newer mobo that will be RR free?

You must look at 2 things when buying an Xbox360 either new or used.
1.) Power supply
The newer power supply is running at 170 watts. Which is about a 1/4 drop in wattage versus the older PSU's.
2.) Manufacturer date.
The date that these units started to be made in April 2008.

Well upgrading isn't really something a person can do to the system. But there is options, Current a game store known as Game Crazy is offering deals on the upgrade to a new 60gig pro or 120gig elite. The store Game Crazy will give you $115 trade in credit on trade to a new system. And they will give you a goodie bag to go along with it. You get a 1/2 off MVP membership to the store. Free video game or movie rentals at Hollywood Video stores. Plus and extend return time on the new system.

Also GC will provide 10% trade in matching if you find a better deal at another trade store. So they will match anyone's trade in value and give you an extra 10% on top of it. I have had friends trade up on a new pro system and almost pay next to nothing for a new system. Also GC will take the pack in games that come with the system if you choose to. The 5 pack in games will net you another 70 bucks on in trade in value. you can easily rack up close to 200 bucks trade in value on this. If you add some old games you don't need and use you new MVP card you get and extra 5% on every trade, so its easy to rack up over 200 dollars trade in value. Also alittle hint, if you ask to use your MVP card on the trade in price match they will price match add 10% and 5% for the MVP for a total of 15% more added savings.

Game Crazy the name says it all.