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Mar 20, 2008

"Break the Ice" Anime Music Video

Generally I am not a fan of Britney Spears, but lately I haven't exactly been hating her new album. I hated all her previous albums and I still have her at the top of my death pool list along with Paris Hilton, but to be completely honest, I don't hate this new video for "Break the Ice".

If Britney kept doing all her music videos like this one from here on out, I think people might actually start to like her ass again. Hopefully that "To be continued" ending means she'll make another music video like this.

I bet you're wondering why I like this video of all videos? How could this one be different than say the one where you have to endure her skanky, trailer park body grinding around a pole, while you try not to puke at the butt cellulite slipping through her fishnet stocking?

Because this music video doesn't have one shot of Britney in it! Its all done in anime, and not like Pokemon, Hello Kitty anime, we're talking Cowboy Bebop, Akira, hardcore anime!

Geeks rejoice cause we broke through into the mainstream again with this Britney video. Soon we'll have all those Hollywood types bowing to our every command, including not screwing with the plot line of Fan Boys.



t. ryan arnold said...

First off all, I love the PDZ wall paper. Second. I wonder about this video. I imagine that they did it because Britney is such a mess that she's basically unable to make videos...yet if you watch this video you can see that it isn't a cheap, quick cover job. A lot of time and money went into it. Which makes me wonder, why Anime? Was that Britney's choice or one of her handlers? Is she a big fan of Adult Swim?

They could have just as easily done an "arty" video a la the Fell in Love With a Girl lego video or something, but they chose to do an expensive Anime.

Did Britney Sign off on it? Is this going to be a series like the DAft Punk Matsumoto videos?

Why am I rambling?

Saki said...

I actually really love this video too... I never had her on my "list" I just never cared for her. She does release some great beats though.

Mariisa said...

Heh.... I like this video very much too... I'm a fan of Britney, just her music though, her songs aren't that bad and I usually don't care what some songs actually mean. And this music video just rocks!