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Feb 21, 2008

Wall-E Gamecube Mod: robot cuteness

Created by the Choozen over at Bit-Tech.net, this little replica Wall-E robot from the upcoming Pixar movie, Wall-E is actually made from an old Gamecube console.
"When we see the trailer to Disney Pixars upcoming animation film Wall-E we knew that this will be the theme for a new project...
because it reminds us a lot on the old Nr.5 and we just love Wall-E on the first sight....:-)

So we grabbed an old Gamecube which stands here around doing nothing and started to mod him in a Wall-E style.....

First we build a movable platform out of a child toy and a rest of Plexiglas.Then we build a cover for the Front ports and attached it to the Platform so that it can hide all ports when they are not needed. In use you just pull down the cover and plug in the joypad....

The Gamecube itself is covered with a thin layer of acrylic which we airbrushed like the original wall-e. The Arms were made out of some plastic and plexiglas tubes and rods. The arms and the hands are both moveable so that wall-e can take up various positions.

The Eyes were made out of several acrylic layers which we put together and bended a stripe of plastic around it. The mounting plate for the eyes is bended out of some metall which we attached to the backside of the cube."
[Via Bit-Tech.net]

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