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Feb 2, 2008

Day One: Diving into World of Warcraft

I finally got a computer capable of running World of Warcraft and so today I dusted off the game case that has been sitting on my computer desk shelf for the past year. My friend, Josh gave it to me but I couldn't play it till now.

So far I've spent an hour installing this darn game; half an hour to install the 4 disc game and another half hour to download 6% of the patch update. I'm guessing it is taking so long because 2 years of patches requires a lot of downloading time.

Sucks to be me.

I'll post more about my WoW experience once this update downloads and I can actually purchase my account. I hope I can actually do that too. Being that my friend use this game before me, I hope I can still use this copy to start a new account.


Anonymous said...

I play Anarchy Online, and despite the fact it can be downloaded from the net the installer has never been updated. This means you have to download the original installer then patch the game to version 1.7.3. You'd think they'd at least combine the patches as they're bound to be over writing each other.

Oh well, on the bright side we should be getting a new client all together near the end of the year. Good luck with WoW. Let us know how it goes.

TheEggplant said...

Hey Faith,
Hate to rain on your parade after all that downloading, but if your friend used the activation code in the box to start an account then it's no longer available to anyone else. If all you are doing is installing and the activation code has been unused you're o.k.