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Jan 12, 2008

This is so true. Trust me, I know first hand.

Small fact about me: I once worked for the wonderful company known as Radio Shack. The company has since been bought out by Circuit City and is now known as The Source, but it will always be Radio Shack to me.

Anyway surfing Gizmodo this morning for the video of their stupid CES prank (see post above), I came across this little gem - Confessions of a Former Radio Shack Employee and just had to read it.

Everything he says is true.

* Batteries are always over priced.
* You should never activate/purchase a cellphone there and expect the sales people to fix anything on your bill later on.
* Sales people will always try to sell you something more expensive than you need.
* The sales aren't that great unless its on discontinued items
* Finally we have to ask for names and addresses or we'll get fired. It's true. The company wants 80% names and addresses for all your sales or they'll fire you. But if it makes you feel better, the company never sold the information when I worked there. Radio Shack lost a product deal with Microsoft because they wouldn't give up their information database for Microsoft use.

Funny thing is ... I liked working there. I would work there again. It's the tech geek in me I guess.

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Josh Miller said...

They are about useless these days too. I go in there looking for electronic components and parts for work and all they have are cell phones, RC cars and Ipod accessories.