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Jan 12, 2008

Gizmodo banned from CES for stupid TV pranks

I admit I laughed my butt off watching the guys from Gizmodo screw with the presenters at CES, but I think they should have considered the consequences of their actions before doing it.

The staff at Gizmodo decided to use a little product called TV-B-Gone to remotely turn off any TV in the room at CES. It would have been funny if they hadn't kept doing it in the middle of presentations. Screw with the random floor models just to see the booth people confused on how to turn the TV back on, but killing the TVs during gaming sessions and presentations and you're going to get incredibly annoyed companies calling for your blood.

This letter was sent to CNET from the CEA in regards to "Gizmodogate":
We have been informed of inappropriate behavior on the show floor by a credentialed media attendee from the Web site Gizmodo, owned by Gawker Media. Specifically, the Gizmodo staffer interfered with the exhibitor booth operations of numerous companies, including disrupting at least one press event. The Gizmodo staffer violated the terms of CES media credentials and caused harm to CES exhibitors. This Gizmodo staffer has been identified and will be barred from attending any future CES events. Additional sanctions against Gizmodo and Gawker Media are under discussion.
This ban can't be good for the Gizmodo staff since losing access to CES I think is like cutting off a limb for them. CES is the biggest electronics show in North America and Gizmodo is all about tech. Too bad for them, but if you're going to screw with people expect them to retaliate.

You have to give them credit for one thing though ... they exposed a weakness in the show. Next year expect companies to cover all IR ports on their TVs to avoid another incident like this.

Check out the video of the pranks on Gizmodo. Hey, its still funny to watch.

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TxCub said...

I'm really surprised that Gizmodo would be so sophomoric. I think it's quite appropriate that they be banned from CES 2009.

I mean Christ, Gizmodo. CES is your bread and butter, but you decide to go and act like junior high kids during history class.

So much for being taken seriously, guys.