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Sep 12, 2007

Update on The Girl Gamer

I've been a busy bee lately and thought I'd catch everyone up on my goings-on.

I've been playing lots of BioShock and I'm already on my second round through the game. I finished it on the "Good, non-harvesting" ending and now all those little darlings' adam is mine. *evil laugh*

I'm never been one for first person shooter but BioShock is just so pretty and I love the storyline. So, I'm allowing for a change in genres and playing the sucker on easy. I know ... I'm a pussy, but I want to finish this game in the next year, okay?!

I've also been playing Carcassonne like it's sugar laced with crack. It's so hard to find to people to play with though. No one seems to own the full version of this game. So everyone reading this, buy it ... buy it now, so you can play with me online.

I've been chatting with a new friend, Shermaine from Player1 magazine and we've been talking about me freelancing for the magazine. Nothing is for sure yet and don't panic, I'll still be blogging here and Destructoid. I will always be loyal to Destructoid as Niero has always been good to me and I would never leave Dtoid over anything. Even in death, I plan to blog from the grave.

Work is crappy as always and my job hunt has turned to thoughts of school. I love to write, but I need more training, cause we all know my grammer blows. So in the Spring, I may opt for an online writing course at Niagara College, so I can see how I'll handle the homework thing again and then I'll look into full time school or something. Besides, employers tend to be more dazzled by diplomas, then real life experience alone.

I'm still selling all my goodies over on Etsy.com @ pixelatedcreations.etsy.com. I have everything from Chocobo bag tags to Ms Pac Man key chains. Take a look and buy from me! I'm up to my ears in Perler Beads. Prices are $10 and down and shipping is $2 for US and Canada.

I'm also selling tons of stuff on eBay. I'm addicted to that site now. I spend way too much on there as is, but I love selling on there too. It's like a never ending garage sale. I may throw some more games up soon from my PC collection and my RPG books from Changeling and Vampire.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading and keep reading Dtoid too.

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