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Sep 27, 2007

I've got friends in high places

I check my site meter at least once a day to see where all my readers are coming from and I especially love to comment on other blogs that post about me and my articles, just so I can thanks.

Today I found the best link for my site since 1UP.com posted about my Miss Video Game story. Xbox Canada posted my little blog in their Friends of Xbox section on the community main page. OH MY GOD! SOMEONE UP THERE LOVES ME!!!

I've had chats with Xbox community members like Sinnix and Trixie before, but I never knew people loved me that much that Microsoft. Now my only question is ... where's the PR love? What? No press releases or review copies? Don't friends usually send birthday and Christmas presents? Where's my copy of Eternal Sonata?

Just kidding ... actually I would love the inside scoop.

I'm playing with the big boys now. *struts with confidence*

Thanks to my friends at Xbox Canada for the link ... shoot me an email at Christina@Destructoid.com, so I can thank you personally and know how ya are.

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david hayes said...

That's awesome. Congratulations.