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Oct 8, 2006

My New Title Banner!

My good friend, Eric DeSantis made me a pretty new title banner for my webpage and damn, I look good as a pinup!

I've been a huge fan of pinup art and once used a lot of them on my old blog. I can't really now because they don't fit in with my video game theme.

Check out Eric's artwork and blog, Litany of Schist. He's an amazing artist!


tekanji said...

Nice art!

Uhm, if you don't mind me turning a light post onto a more serious note (if you do mind, you can just not respond or delete my comment)...

Do you feel that your choice to use pinup-inspired art was influenced by the way that female gamers are often seen through a lens of sexuality (ex. the Frag Dolls)?

What do you think your choice of banner will say to your readers -- male and female alike? Do you think it will affect how seriously they do or do not take you as a blogger?

What kind of comment, if any, do you think this makes about female gamers in the community?

Anyway, sorry to bombard you with questions. I just find your choice fascinating and want to know more about your reasoning and thoughts. Thanks for your time. :)

Johnny Wadd said...

Love the new banner, i think it looks awesome!

:P fuzzbox said...

Great new banner!

Faith said...

My choice to use a pinup in my banner is simply this - I like pinup art and when my friend offered to create a pinup of me for my website, I jumped at the opportunity.

I really don't care what people think about the graphics I use on my website. I'm not naked, nor wearing anything suggestive. It's a cartoon more than anything. The whole picture is nothing sexual from my perspective.

Finally that fact of the matter is that all men will look at a girl who plays game and looks decent as sexual, whether we're trying to be or not. I've posed half naked on a gaming site and with jeans and t-shirt on, and in both cases, I was called an attention whore.

Long story short - don't give a crap any more what people think. Either you like what you read on here or not.