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Sep 11, 2006

Two Great Impressions Videos

You Tube Note:

Ok, here it is! The greatest impression video of all time, I challenge anyone else to match it! I have done 48-50 impressions in less than 10 minutes. And I think they are pretty decent impressions as well. Well, you'll just have to watch and see.

Basically I've been seeing some impression videos lately being featured on YouTube, and I thought Artie's was pretty good but the other one featured recently sucked and made me want to showcase how real impressions are done. Anyway, they're not all spot on but pretty close. Enjoy!

YouTube cut off the tail end of this video which listed all the impressions in order of appearance, so here they are for you curious ones.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Barney, Homer, Lovejoy, Mr. Burns, Smithers, George W. Bush, Jiminy Glick, Ed Grimley, Butt-head, Beavis, Hank Hill, Jerry Seinfeld, Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery, Agent Smith, Keanu Reeves, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Yoda, C-3PO, Jar-Jar Binks, Boss Nass, Pee-Wee Herman, Woody Woodpecker, King Arthur (Monty Python), Knight Who Says Ni (Monty Python), Mario, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Bobby, Robin Williams (Southern Guy, School Girl), Casey Kasem, Steve Irwin, Louis Armstrong, Uncle Rico, Kip, Napolean Dynamite, Pedro, Stevie Wonder, Jay Leno, Kermit the Frog, and Curly

You Tube Note:

Well, actually it's 106 because Hank Hill and Anderson are the same voice. I do plan on making more with my better impressions, this was just a quick video to see if I could indeed cram more than 100 voices in under 10 minutes. The names below corespond to the numbers in the video in case you get confused on which voice it was:

1. Robert Deniro
2. Christopher Walken
3. Jack Nichelson
4. Gary Busey
5. Kirk Douglas
6. Sean Connery
7. William Shatner
8. Gollum/Smeagol
9. Robin Williams
10. Movie Trailer voice
11. Al Pacino
12. Joey Lawerence
13. Dezi Arnez
14. Lucy
15. Matt Foley
16. Johnny Carson
17. Ray Romano
18. Bill Cosby
19. Kasey Kasem
20. Shaggy
21. Scooby
22. John Travolta
23. Regis Philbin
24. John Wayne
25. Marlon Brando
26. Yoda
27. Arnold Schwarzenneger
28. Skeletor
29. Sylvestor Stallone
30. Casey Affleck
31. Drew Barrymore
32. Chewbacca
33. Jimmy Stewart
34. Adam Sandler
35. Keanu Reeves
36. Don Pardo
37. Alec Baldwin
38. Axl Rose
39. Bob Dylan
40. ALF
41. Willy Tanner from ALF
42. Peter Griffin
43. Cleveland
44. Joe
45. Quagmire
46. Greased Up Deaf Guy
47. Herbert
48. Mayor Adam West
49. Mr. Mackey
50. Ned Gerblansky
51. Mr. Hankey
52. Peter Falk
53. Wallace Shawn
54. Roger Rabbit
55. Macho Man Randy Savage
56. Peter Lorre
57. Edward G. Robinson
58. Jerry Seinfeld
59. Scott Stapp
60. The Beegees
61. Louie Armstrong
62. Butthead
63. Beavis
64. Anderson
65. Princepal
66. Duffman
67. Stimpy
68. Ren
69. Superfriends voiceover
70. Sunny the Cocoacocoa Puffs rooster
71. Tony the Tiger
72. Fred Flintstone
73. Barney Rubble
74. Dr. Zoidberg
75. Zapp Brannigan
76. Kiff Kroker
77. Prof. Farnsworth
78. Hank Hill
79. Bobby Hill
80. Dale Gribble
81. Boomhaur
82. Yogi Bear
83. Boo Boo Bear
84. Snagglepuss
85. Jinx the Cat
86. Patrick Starr
87. Spongebob
88. Bugs Bunny
89. Daffy Duck
90. Elmer Fudd
91. Marvin the Martian
92. Taz
93. Gomer Pyle
94. Don Knotts
95. The Count
96. Archie Bunker
97. Edith Bunker
98. Eddie
99. Edd
100. Ed
101. Jimmy
102. Rolff
103. George W. Bush
104. Dick Cheney
105. Richard Nixon
106. Radio DJ
107. Harry Carey

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