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Sep 13, 2006


Next Generation.com has created a top one hundred list of the game industry's most influential women and though I am happy to see women in the industry being recognized for their efforts in the gaming industry, I gotta say there are some names in the list that maybe shouldn't be in there.

When I did my industry list of hot guys, I had hundreds of comments saying that journalists weren't not included in the gaming industry, because they didn't contribute to the process of games. Well I count several website owners, journalists and marketing coordinators on this list and somehow I don't think they have anything to do with creating games. So... where's the uproar? Where are the thousands of screaming industry people that are enraged over these people that shouldn't be on the list? Or perhaps people who should be on the list? I've counted only 13 comments on Joystiq.com, and 4 on Kotaku.com. Heck, I got more comments than that.

I'm not saying either way whether the list is good or not, because I think anyone who adds to the gaming industry is valuable, but I'm just surprised people aren't freaking out.

At least someone spoke out about the lack of some names on the list: Jason Della Rocca added a few names to the list that he thinks should have been on there. Check it out here.

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Walter said...

Hi Faith,
This list sure is gettin a bit of attention. I posted it this mourning on my second blog Game Green for fun. I do see your point about the reaction your list got as opposed to this one. BTW I think you should have been on it.