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Jul 1, 2006

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Originally there was a review here by a writer I thought had a great view on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Now I just realise he's a totally douchebag who's more concerned about where his work should be posted and threatening the blog owners with legal action, rather than the fact that someone is actually supporting him. So instead I'll post a link to his original review and the fact that Kris Kallies is a totally douchebag. Enjoy!
Click the link to read the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories review at Tuscaloosa News.com.

That way Kris Kallies and The New York Post won't sue me.

SOURCE: www.tuskmag.com


MC said...

I almost bought this today, but as I am currently working my way through GTA III and Vice City at the moment(bought them in a double pack 2 weeks ago), I got God of War instead.

I am disappointed to hear you can't swim however. Did they include the ability to jump and climb at least?

Kristopher said...

Please remove my story from your blog. It is my intellectual property and The New York Times Corporation. Legal action could ensue if you are derelict in removing it.

Kris Kallies