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Jul 25, 2006

My 15 Minutes of Fame?

Since yesterday I've been on a huge ass high, and its all because of a list that I thought was too crap to even finish in the first place. What a weird world!

A while ago I created a webpoll for gamers to nominate and then vote on their favorite hottie video game guys and there was a bit of tension from some of the readers. I almost gave up on it, but I figured its my site, and screw anyone who can't have a little fun with it.

So I did the list and got a minor response for the actually nominations, but a big response for the votes. So with over 500 votes, I got the list, but not the amount of industry guys to go on it that I was hoping for.

Not happy with the list, I only posted about it on my own site, and my space blog. I even decided to mention it to Brian at Kotaku.com, which is what I think started the whole thing.

Yesterday I got an email from S. Johnson, the guy who does the Feed blog on G4.com and he wrote the following:

Hey, faith.

Your blog post made the email rounds at G4, and we posted Kevin P’s response on our blog. Thought you might want to check it out:

Link Here

Your blog is awesome.

I check it out and screamed for an hour afterwards. It was so cool!

I was hoping that the article would be on the actual show, but S. told me no, that he only did the blog stuff. It was still cool.I check on my site meter, and discovered more then G4tv.com picked up the piece.




http://blogs.ign.com/Cookie-IGN - She made her own list


And somehow I got linked by the employee boards at www.neversoft.com, the forums at G4tv.com and the forums at IGN.com.

Finally I got this message from Kevin Pereira this morning:

So after a phone call and a trip to Future Shop, I will be on Attack of the Show tomorrow for a phone in interview.

Please watch G4's Attack of the Show at 7pm Live EST/PST for my coming out party... You'll get to see me and hear my real name finally. Scary, isn't it?


the zero god said...

Faith, you fucking rule! you rule! *wild applause*

MC said...

You are certainly a gal who can make things happen. Congrats. :)

Becky "Aktrez" Young said...

YAY! Great job Faith. I'm looking forward to seeing your "coming out" of sorts! You are on your way. Hope to work with you someday in the future. ;)