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Jul 20, 2006

Evil Dead with Music... WICKED!

'Evil Dead' Rises Again, Now Off Broadway

evil-dead-bloody.jpgThe trend for Broadway shows to be based on popular films continues unabated but this twist reported in Variety today is actually kinda cool. The production team of George Reinblatt, Christopher Bond and Frank Cipolla will be opening Off Broadway Evil Dead: The Musical based on the 1981 cult classic horror flick by Sam Raimi. It'll be directed by Bond and Hinton Battle, who also choreographed the show. Tying in with the Midnight Movie plot of a group of friends visiting a wooded cabin and unleashing untold evil, they'll be offering performances starting at 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Also if you're really into the guts and gore aspect of hack 'em up horror, be sure to ask to sit in the first few rows identified as the "Splatter Zone." No news yet whether the evil book will get a tap dance solo. Previews begin October 1 with the opening November 1 at New World Stages.

Note: This musical was actually in Toronto for a while, and I should have gone then, but I didn't. I'm an idiot!


H. A. Calles said...

Of course, I don’t support you at all on calling yourself names, but in spite of that comment, I know that was a big chance to let go away. With your scenario and dance skills, I bet you could've pretty easily overcome all stage fears, and who knows, since good looks, talent and physical capabilities are always the coin of trade in these kinds of careers, you could have been on your way to become an actress by now.

Faith said...

Dude, I'm posting an article about wanting to see the show, not be in it

H. A. Calles said...

Yeah? Oops! What can I say now to excuse myself...? I guess my mind is set to work in a different realm. That probably means that I'm reading you without really paying any attention to what you say. It is clear that I only responded to my own interests and I related the post to my own affinities. Shame on me! I’m a big hypocrite.