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Jun 29, 2006

Microsoft can't stop copying us - Sony boss

"I wish they'd come up with strategies of their own."

In an interview published in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine, SCEA boss Kaz Hirai has gone on the offensive again, this time accusing Microsoft of copying Sony's ideas. "Every time we go down a path, we look behind and [Microsoft is] right there - we just can't shake these guys," harrumphed Hirai. "I wish that they would come up with some strategies of their own, but they seem to be going down the path of everything we do."

Hirai was equally unimpressed with Microsoft's decision to launch a HD-DVD drive as an optional extra. "You're not going to be asking me, 'So, talk to me about this Blu-Ray add-on that you have. Does it work for games? Is it just for movies?' That's exactly the kind of pitfall you fall into if you launch something that's too early, too premature..." he said.

Hirai's accusations may well be viewed with slight cynicism in some quarters, however - Sony has been accused of copying competitors in the past, with the motion-sensing PS3 controller allegedly influenced by Nintendo's Wii remote controller. Meanwhile, the very existence of Xbox Live Marketplace and Microsoft's launch strategy of bringing out two versions of the Xbox 360 (a move that is to be mirrored by Sony when the PS3 launches) hardly helps Hirai's argument.

Written by Chris-Leigh

SOURCE: www.palgn.com.au

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