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May 24, 2006

Welcome to the World of the Girl Gamer

Yes, we tend to only exist in legend, but the girl gamer really does exist and not just in a casual sort of way; no, we exist in the "I'm so obsessed that the controller has finger groove marks in it from my hours of game play" type of way. Find out the true nature of the girl gamer as I post game reviews, gamer news and anything else I can find that involves gaming.

I know you're reading this and saying, "But she's just a girl, how obsessed could she be?" Oh, I'm an addict and we'll see just how far my gaming obsession can go in my pursuit to become a gaming journalist. Who knows I may even start playing an Online game like World of Warcraft, just to better my knowledge?

Scary, isn't it?

I look forward to reading all your comments, and getting to know my readers.

Happy Button Mashing!

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