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May 9, 2006

E3 2006 Coverage - Let the Real Console Wars Begin!

It’s that time of year again! The time of year that I get attached to G4 Tech TV for 4 days straight as I watch all the E3 coverage I can handle before my brain turns to mush. Today was Day One of the coverage and I spend all day hyper as ever in anticipation of 6pm when the video game goodness would be begin. Each night brings 3 hours of yummy E3 news from the hosts of G4’s Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn, and the hosts of G4’s X-Play, Adam Sessler, and Morgan Webb. The highlights of tonight’s coverage included a look at the new Sony PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii (Stop snickering already!).
Sony’s newest addition to the PS console family is the sleek designed PS3. The new system will include free online with optional pay-per-download game content, different media ports, a removable hard drive that will come in two different sizes, 20GB and 60 GB, and the new system will provide features like instant messaging, video chat and such. The PS3 controller will be wireless thanks to Blue Tooth and will feature the same design as the old PS2 controller, but with a build in gyroscope and a new center button. Available in November, the system will come in two different price packages: $499US ($549CAN) for the 20 GB HDD and $599US ($649CAN) for the 60GB HHD. Look forward to seeing Sony give the Xbox 360 a run for its money, though I’ll probably buy both. Finally to avoid any credit card requirements, Sony will also create a pre-paid card for use to buy all downloadable items from its system. Cool!

Nintendo also unveiled its newest system, the Nintendo Wii and its funky new motion sensor controller. Though not a lot of specs were given for the new Nintendo system, I can tell you that the system will allow you to download old Nintendo games for less than $10 a game, the controller will allow for a whole new game play with the ability to control things like swords or tennis rackets in game by swinging the remote style controller and the controller will have an attachable analog stick. The controller will also have a build in speaker, so when you press a button to shoot, the controller will make a gun sound and its will also include a whisper sensitive microphone. Nintendo promises to include more 3rd party titles this time around and that the Wii controller will bring out even the casual gamers to play its system. Though not confirmed, the Nintendo will probably cost around $249US which may give it a chance against the more expensive Sony and Xbox consoles. Who knows? I guess only time will tell.
That’s all I have time to cover today. I’ll give the rundown of some of the new titles revealed this year at E3 tomorrow.

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