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May 4, 2006

A Dying Nation of Nintendo Gamers

Yesterday I caved and sold all of my old Nintendo systems and games. I had been hording my Super NES, Nintendo 64 and colour Gameboy for a while and it was time to give them up. I still love the games, but I hadn’t touch them in months and with the Nintendo Revolution coming out soon, I can always buy that and download the old games, if I really want them back.

As a huge Nintendo supporter, I hate seeing them struggling to maintain any hold on the gaming market. Nintendo brought the dying video game market back when Atari and other system killed it. How could they be so blind to fall behind in the game market? I will always be a Mario/Link fan, but with so many game series abandoning Nintendo, how will they hold on? Unless the Revolution proves to be an amazing system, I think that Nintendo will have to fold on the Console market and move to just making games for other consoles. I think they can hold their own in the handheld market, but the Nintendo consoles may go the way of the Sega consoles, if they don’t get their act together.

I've tried to hang on to my hopes of Nintendo being a worth while system. With game series like, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Super Mario and Legend of Zelda, I couldn't give up my gamecube console, but most of the titles are running to other systems now. Final fantasy moved to Sony PS1, PS2, PC and now even the Xbox 360 has the online FFXI series. The only Final Fantasy game to appear on Gamecube, barely resemble it counterparts. Resident Evil though, still appearing on the Gamecube, has also made it way to the PS3, and now the newest Resident Evil will appear on Xbox 360. Nintendo holds only the childish titles and with unimpressive graphics, all the cross console games are better played on the other systems. I love my Nintendo, but they have to pull it together or be crushed in the long run.

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