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Jun 15, 2010

Stuff I Got Excited About: Microsoft Xbox Conference Edition

Okay, so yesterday we had the first of the big 3 game conference starting with Microsoft and all their Xbox news. Honestly if you didn't know any better you would have thought you were watching a Nintendo conference from a couple of years ago. Kinect Sports = Wii Sports? Kinectimals = Nintendogs? Kinect Joy Ride = Mario Kart Wii? I think so.

Basically both Microsoft and Sony are now jumping on the casual and motion controller train to grab their bag o' money and its kind of sad in a way. I like to sit on my ass to play videogames and so do the rest of the real gamers in this world. Kinect will be just another gadget people will turn on once and while but will basically collect dust once the novelty wears off. I only keep my Wii around for Nintendo's core line-up of games and that's it.

So besides the dumb Kinect stuff they showed off, Microsoft did managed to bring a few "A" game items like Fable 3 *drools* and Metal Gear Solid Rising which will feature Raiden in the main role this time. He will have new precision sword control.

They also showed off a teaser trailer for a new game called Codename: Kingdoms. Not much was shown in the preview but it looked promising. Overall most of it was Kinect games and demo time with the new device. They also showed off Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 3, Forza 4 and a little known game called Halo Reach.

But again, most of it focused on Kinect games like Dance Central, a new full motion dance moves game or Your Shape: Fitness Evolved which will also take full advantage of the Kinect system. The only cool game they talked about here was the possible Kinect Star Wars game but until I get a lightsaber with a game, I am still not jumping for joy here.

They also talked about new features coming to Xbox Live like ESPN and the games on demand feature but more than likely this will not come to Canada, so moving along.

Beside Halo Reach, Fable 3 and Metal Gear Solid Rising, there was much here to jump for joy over. Even their announcement of a brand new Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi didn't have me jumping out of my seat. I personally don't have the money to buy a new one even though my old Xbox is chugging along a horrible rate right now. Maybe if I got a freebie like the other journalists there in studio, I could jump for joy.

Note: this new Xbox still will chew your game disc to hell if you move the system mid-play. Video via Destructoid

If you are hard up for a new Xbox though, these babies are shipping out right now and should be in stores as of next week. Considering the hard drive space, built-in Wi-Fi and the fact they are the same price as the old console, I would go for it. RRoD and disc chewing aside, the new models are still better in the long run for the price.

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