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Jun 15, 2010

Things I Got Excited About: Nintendo Conference Edition

So this morning it was Nintendo's turn to bring the fire to the stage and boy, were we surprised. I'm honestly started to think that Nintendo is playing a game of cat and mouse with their competition. "Okay, now that everyone's on board with casual games and motion control, we bring back core games!!!" BOO YAH BITCHES!

Nintendo opened the show with a brand new Legend of Zelda game, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which feature wii motion plus controls. The demo on stage was awful and full of problems but they swore it was connectivity problems and not the game. Hands-on previews from the show floor will hopefully tell a better story. The game looks like an awesome combination of Twilight Princess and Windwaker.

Then they got into the casual stuff with games like Mario Sports Mix which is chalked full of mini sporting events and Wii Party which is another mini game party game. Just Dance 2 was also announced ... okay, boring stuff aside now. On to the good stuff!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was mentioned again for the Nintendo DS and this time we got to see some gameplay. They showed off Metroid: Other M as well. Stuff we all knew was coming but they didn't bring up Pikmin 3 which would have been nice.

Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii was brought out for demo play and it looked amazing. The game included 3D open levels as well as side-scrolling levels. Many of your favorite well known Disney characters will be in the game from Mickey cartoons to Peter Pan to a few forgotten characters.

Nintendo has brought back a few familiar franchise this year with Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Nintendo Wii, Golden Eye for the Wii (Remake), Kirby: Epic Yarn for the Wii, and finally Kid Icarus for the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, they love their core gamers again.

At the end of the show, they revealed the Nintendo 3DS which is the new 3D handheld gaming system. While I am not overly excited for this device, I must admit it sounds pretty cool. The system is 3D without the use of glasses. It can play 3D movies and games plus take 3D pictures. They redesigned the interface to include a new analog stick instead of d-pad.

Time will only tell if this thing will redefine gaming - hell, Nintendo tricked everyone else into creating motion controllers, so why not 3D gaming?

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tst oproprio said...

why not...
3d or 3D because plenty of people don't see in 3 d time and the cost's going to increase the 3-D versions