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Jun 2, 2010

Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption Swag

So I've been playing a lot of cool games the past couple of weeks like Red Dead Redemption, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Alan Wake and Super Mario Galaxy 2. On top of the awesome game time, I got some cool swag with my games - not that they needed swag to make me like them cause they rule on their own.

Red Dead Redemption came with a whole kit that included a t-shirt, a deck of cards, dice w/ storage device, soap and sticker. The t-shirt didn't fit so I handed that off to the boyfriend and I gave the sticker to a friend at work but I kept the cards, dice and soap. The soap is decorating my bathroom along with my Playstation controller soap and keyboard soap. The cards and dice are on my computer desk.

Alan Wake came with a portable black light flashlight, a security marker that only appears under black light and a fake document about the game. If you used the flashlight on the document you could find special messages written on the document - very spooky. For anyone who doesn't think the portable black light is useful, then you must not own a pet. Black lights are perfect for locating urine and other stains long after they dry. Also they are great for checking for fake money - they bring up security features on the bills.

[Update: Apparently Rockstar is now selling the cards, dice, soap and even a cool TNT candle on the Rockstar website. So if you like my RDR swag, you can purchase your own here.]


roboutik said...

OOOh what are you thinking to RDR? I am liking it but I have found game writing a bit lacking recently.

Nice swag btw, read my review on

Genny said...

Have you found any AWESOME bugs happen in RDR? I've seen some cool ones around the 'net, and they are hilarious!