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Apr 8, 2010

Flynn Lives - Countdown to Tron Legacy

So a little while ago my boyfriend stumbled across a viral game for the new Tron Legacy which is the sequel to Tron. This game was a 8-bit art picture which was filled with picture references to various video games and you had to guess what they were. If you managed to guess them all, you would win a prize. Well, my boyfriend and I put our heads together and figured out all the games and this is what we won - an ENCOM employee badge.

Now he put in his picture for the first win but I entered the game a second time and got my own badge which is what you see above. The main site promoting the movie is Flynn Lives.com but the game can be found on Arcade Aid.com.  Make sure you create a login in to save your progress and win.


Mercer said...

Oh my god! I totally have to do this! I bet with the collective knowledge of my friends and I we could indefinitely get a badge!


Victor said...

Hey gamergirl!

Do you still have this badge and/or the encom lanyard? :)

Maybe you willing to sell it? :P

I can't find anywhere stuff like this and i missed it a year ago :)

Faith said...

Yeah, I still have the whole thing but I honestly like having it. My bf might still have his. I would have to ask him.