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Mar 28, 2010

Best Buy Canada Deal: Trade In 5 Games, Get A DS XL

Today only (March 28) participating Best Buy stores throughout Canada are giving away free Nintendo DS XL when you trade in 5 games worth at least $9 in credit.

Each store roughly has only 20 units to give away though and the games must have their boxes, plus you have to trade in games that are on their updated trade in list.

Honestly I was thinking of trading in some games to do this in order to finally get a new Nintendo DS and get rid of my Pink one but I can't think of 5 games I really want to trade in that would be on their trade in list. Besides I find it funny that they say the game has to at least be worth $9 but if you read the fine print, they say they can deny a trade-in if they have too many copies of the game in stock and most of the games they have on their trade in list are all higher valued games worth generally $40 at my local game store.

If I really wanted to do this deal, I would find a bunch of game worth roughly $9 in credit games or at less games that are old, so I could get my DS in a decent deal. Selling newer games worth $40 in credit would mean I just bought the Nintendo DS XL for full price - $199.99 and I don't want to do that. I could do that anywhere on any day just by trading in 5 of my newer games.

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