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Jan 29, 2010

The Fall of an Icon: Can I Interest You in Bruce Campbell Figure?

I honestly can't explain in words how much I hurt having to write this blog post. I wanted it to be an interview article with my greatest hero of all time but he smashed that dream into a millions piece when he decided to act like a jerk and ignore a promise him made.

I've been a Bruce Campbell fan for a long time - ever since my friends in high school introduced me to a little movie called Army of Darkness. After that, I couldn't get enough of "The Chin" and his B-movies. Now I'm not an uber-fan as I've never actually seen all his movie and I don't own every fan collector's piece known to man or anything but I did have my fair share of items from the Bruce Collection.

I even stood in line back in September for 2 hours to get his autograph and meet him when I could have been spending my time on video game stuff at the Fan Expo - instead I wasted several hours on him.

So back in December I tracked down Mr. Campbell's email address which is easy to find if you know where to look and asked him for an interview. He agreed as long as I didn't ask the typical same old questions, so I made sure to do some research and ask questions are related to current events rather to the same old Evil Dead, Xena and Brisco Country stuff.

He also asked that I give him time to respond to the questions which was fine too - I understand that he was doing this on his time. So 3 weeks goes by and nothing - no response from him, so I email him back about the questions and get no response again. I try emailing him again after the holidays and still no response. So at this point, I'm crushed and pissed.

How could anyone, big star or not, make a promise and not even be polite enough to send an email back to say why they don't have the time or something? Is Bruce that big of an ass that his fans mean nothing to him? Why bother to say yes in the first place? I could haven't taken a polite no in the beginning rather than this run around.

So after all this, I say fuck celebrities and fan worship. They don't deserve having us spend our hard earned money on their merchandise and autographs. I personally am selling all of my Bruce Campbell items on ebay currently. I refuse to keep items in my home that praise that pompous ass. Beside I might need to take my dog into the vet soon and the money from these items is better spend on my fluffy friend than worshiping a bitter old actor.

If anyone is interested in the items, they can check out the items here.

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