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Nov 6, 2009

The BBPS Sings The Beatles at X'09

At one point in my long blogging career, I work for a short time over the The BBPS.com and back in September when Mike (former Attack This editor) and I hit X'09 Microsoft annual Holiday event, I ran into some of the guy from The BBPS, both current and former writers. There were current staff members, Jim Squires and Bryan Wall there and former writer Ryan Hewson, all in attendance at the event.

After Jim Squires got a bit of liquid courage into him to take the mic, we all decided to jump onto the mini stage and play some Beatles Rock Band. Best of all, we recorded it so our readers could hear how bad we sound. Yes, we all started singing at some point in order to back up poor Jimmy plus it's the Beatles - how could you not sing.

I know I should have posted this video sooner but I forgot about it until now. 

[Via The BBPS]

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Video 3 of 3

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