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Oct 2, 2009

Epic 8-Bit Art: For the Love of Games

Love for Games - Poster, originally uploaded by Axel Pfaender.
Designed by Axel Pfaender for GEE magazine, this poster features all the various handheld devices, controllers and game catridges from throughout the decades.

If you interested in buying this poster, it is available in Axel's store for only € 7,00. Check here for more details.

You can see more of Axel's work on his flickr page.


Anonymous said...

You call yourself a gamer. You should really do something your good at and play with dolls or something. That is not 8-bit. It is just a painting of controllers and such. 8-bit is pixel art. Epic Fail!

Faith said...

The post is just called Epic 8-Bit Art, it doesn't mean every piece of art under it has to be 8-bit.

Do you really come to my site to just insult my anonymously? Maybe you should grow a set and post your name next time. So easy to hide behind your computer screen.