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Sep 2, 2009

The Predetor Becomes the Prey

Yes, Batman is that bad ass that he could sneak up on even Sam Fisher.

I've been playing the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game all this week since I got home from the Fan Expo and I think I'm in love. The combat is sleek, the character design eye popping and the voice overs ... it's like watching a new episode of Batman: the Animated Series but with a scarier tone. I can't stressed how fabulous this game is.

Also only buy this game on the Xbox 360 if that is all you own, because the PS3 version let's you play as the Joker in the challenge maps. This is the better deal out of the two versions.

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JenniferRuth said...

I have been so impressed with this game. I fully admit that I was very dubious about a Batman game. When I read the reviews I thought, okay it's going to be good - but I was surprised at just how good it was!

I've been reading Batman comics for 10 years and have to admit to being quite well versed (I know, I know...uber-geekery) in Batman mythology. I'm used to films and games and other media getting Batman "wrong" - but this game has done it's research! The villains are perfect, the setting is exactly as creepy and high-tech as I would expect Arkham to be and the Detective mode is just brilliant. The one failing is really Batman himself! He just comes across as a little too friendly when talking to the guards - I'm just nit-picking though.

Inverted takedowns for the win!