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Sep 2, 2009

My Top Non-Videogame Cosplayers from the Fan Expo Masquerade

There were a few entries at the Masquerade that caught my attention that weren't videogame themed but I just had to post about them. The first was a original idea, Doctor Holocaust which is a villain determined to destroy Toronto.

The second was a group dressed up as various characters from Repo: the Genetic Opera who even acted out a bit from the movie.

And the last group did a really cool steam punk version of the X-Men featuring the characters, Cyclops, Jean-Grey, Wolverine, Shadow Cat, Storm, Rogue and Beast. This team apparently won best in show for the Masters division.

To see the full skits from the Masquerade, check out this post with the videos.


Mike said...

Dr. Holocaust let me hold his gun.

Anonymous said...

I was there too! the x-gentleman were the best costumes i saw there.