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Sep 23, 2009

Girls Go Geek: Episode 1 - The Guild's Felicia Day

Though the show has not made its way to the Xbox marketplace in Canada yet, Girls Go Geek with Amber MacArthur now has a You Tube channel which finally gives international girl geeks an option to watch the show.
The first episode features an interview with The Guild's Felicia Day. Check out the episode above and don't forgot to subscribe to the official You Tube channel to watch for new episode uploads.

As a bonus for all my readers, episode 6 featuring Dr. Kiki Sanford has a small tip section featuring yours truly. US Xbox Live subscribers can download the episode now via the Xbox Live Marketplace but for those of us without US access or an Xbox, head over to the Xbox Marketplace US website here and then hit the Episode 6 preview button. You'll be able to check out a small portion of my cool coversation with Amber about 1 vs 100.

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