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Sep 30, 2009

Contest: Destructoid Artisan's Group Contest of the Month - SCUMM Theme

As everyone knows my blog is always plastered with videogame crafts cause I love to support other artists that share my love of the game crafts, so want better way to get to find new artists than to join up with a like-minded artisans group?

The Destructoid Artisans Group is a group full of Destructoid community member that create game crafts via all sorts of materials. We share a common search tag on Etsy and once a month we band together to give back to the Dtoid community that puts up with us posting our art all over our c-blogs day after day.

This month we are holding a contest that celebrates the joy that are SCUMM games. SCUMM was a script language used by LucasArts to make games like Maniac Mansion, Secret of Monkey Island and more back in the day and we want artists of all kinds to make themed art around these games.

To the best 5 art pieces, we will reward a copy of Tales of Monkey Island for the PC, thanks to our friends at Telltale Games, and a donated, handmade item from a member of the Artisan group like a crocheted purple tentacle or a Sam & Max magnet set.

To enter and see full contest details, head over to the official Destructoid Artisans Group C-Blog. Entries must be in be October 19, 2009.

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